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Yoga Beginners Flexibility & Relaxation Flow, 20 Minute Stretch Workout – Joy Scola


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Yoga Beginners Flexibility & Relaxation Flow, 20 Minute Stretch Workout – Joy Scola

In this video Joy shares a 20 minute yoga routine to help you relax and build flexibility.

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  1. During the duration of the stretches my calves and feet start feel tingly or like it's about to fall asleep. Is the feeling something that will go away the more i practice? Or am I pushing to hard?


  3. I enjoy doing yoga in the comfort of my own home.  I can do it whenever is convenient for me.  I also have had bilateral knee replacements and feel that if I go to a yoga class that I won't be able to do a lot of what they are doing and I don't want to make the instructor spend a lot of time with me showing me modifications.

  4. That was INCREDIBLE!!!! So excited to have found you. I have practiced for a few years when I fell in love with it and replaced my regular gym workouts with yoga. Recently I've gotten so lazy and can't force myself to classes. I tried plyoga and really got my butt kicked, which is just what I needed. This was perfect after an insanely intense workout that left my whole body tight and tired.

  5. I have never been to a yoga class because I dont have the money for it, that's why I watch yoga videos here on youtube 🙂 It was really a big step for me this year to start exercising, I've tried a lot of things but they have never work out for me because I have this problem with the muscles in my throat, when I run or do anything that are making me breathe heavily it tighten so I will have a hard time to breathe. First I thought it was asthma so I took medication for it but it didn't help. Yoga have done so much for me, yes sometimes I have to pause some videos to catch my breath but that's okay I go right back in it 🙂

  6. I actually discovered yoga on YouTube and started doing it daily to help with sciatic pain and tight muscles from my strength and cardio workouts.  I figure why pay for classes (and go through the hassle of driving to a studio) when I can do the same moves with great instructors in the comfort of my own home.  I've been practicing regularly (doing a variety of different types of yoga) for just over a year and my strength and flexibility has increased dramatically.  I just turned 40 and truly am in the best shape of my life, due in large part to the videos I workout with on YouTube.

  7. Ohhhh my gooooodness, u are so amazing, i love ur breathing techniques I love ur mellow soothing confident voice, i love ur allowing of us to be where WE are is so helpful, I needed this too I am for ever driving so my hips are always a problem my ITB is also always tight causing me knee pain, however woth yoga & foam rolling I have been able to heal my self I am so in love with yoga and it's benefits from breathing to just being …..namaste

  8. First of all, lovely video. Will be trying that shortly!
    You asked about yoga class attendance. I have never been to a class and there are two main reasons: 1. I am not very flexible and am afraid I won't be able to do the poses properly. 2. I only know the names of two poses and would feel inept not knowing what the instructor was talking about.
    If you have any advice I would be very grateful. I have been doing Tara Lee foundation earth yoga by following a dvd and have recently discovered yours, but I think going to a class would help me. So please help me go to a class! Thanks 🙂

  9. You're such an inspiration! I've never had the confidence to go out in public to take yoga classes. I've been wanting to for so long! I always talk about it with my friends to do it, but I don't have the nerve to do it in front of everyone. My fear is not quite embarrassing myself, but more the fact that I'm not slim like all the other girls. I'm only 60kg (132lb), but I've always felt like I'm not good enough to join one, or even to go to  the gym! I've stuck with home exercises but I'd love to be around positive people to guide me and support me. I'm super paranoid about my stomach, I haven't worn a bikini in years! I'd love to feel like I love my body and I want to embrace it.
    I'm so glad I found your channel, I'll be following your videos everyday! Thank you! Much love xx

  10. Joy Scola, I am in love with your yoga sessions. You're so easy to understand and follow. The way you constantly remind us that we ought to listen to our own bodies keeps me on my mat.  All your flows really get me centered and feeling great in my own skin. I particularly love your stretch and digestion video. Thank You

  11. I do Yoga only through Psyche Truth only because I find that the Yoga teachers are amazing! My goal is too loose 25 lbs by July 27th, just starting back to Yoga today.
    My problem area's are my shoulders, knee, back and neck. I sit too long due to my work. Thank you, Tracey

  12. So far, I've only practiced yoga in my home. The reason for this is that I am, and always have been, overweight and I'm self-conscious (I am working on it, and it is getting better, one day at a time). I'm just worried that someone will judge me for my interest in yoga and attending public classes.

  13. This is a really really good full body stretch 😀 I am definitely not the most flexible but her instructions and moves are simple and easy to follow 🙂 Thank you!

  14. Hi Joy!

    Do you happen to have a yoga class geared towards people with knee injuries? I have had two ACL reconstructions and I am not able to do most of the stretches you did because of it.

    Thank you!

  15. I LOVE these videos. I love how she said we spend too much time in our minds and not enough in out bodies. I never realized how stressed I get just constantly thinking. I just need to relax and get to know my body. It felt amazing! I do get embarrassed to do yoga in public because I feel like people are judging me. I know that sounds silly but where I live people start gossiping about a person right when they stand up from the table. AND OVER THE STUPIDEST STUFF. It's drives me crazy. I guess I just need to accept that the Haters gonna hate and the potatoes gonna potate 💁🏼 I know it's freeing to not care what others think. I just can't help it sometimes!!

  16. I would love to be in a yoga class, Joy.  Especially one led by you!  Unfortunately, I can't fit one into my schedule right now.  I'm not afraid of embarrassing myself, I'd just want to be able to commit to 2 or 3 times per week.  I do what I can during these PsycheTruth videos, though.  Thank you so much for yours!

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