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Beginners Guide to Strength Training (6 BEST TIPS FOR WOMEN!!)


Our beginners guide to strength training is our 90 day fitness and nutrition program

This beginners guide to weight training will help you learn how to start weight training to get the most out of your training plan. This isn’t a beginners guide to the gym and the machines and equipment you’ll find there. Rather this is a beginners guide to lifting and what you’ll need to know to make strength training sustainable and enjoyable for yourself. If you want a complete beginners gym guide, you should check out our Athlean-XX for Women program which will show you how to start weight training at home or at the gym.

In this beginners guide to lifting for women, we have 6 tips for weight training for beginners. First you’ll want to be sure hot to compare yourself to others when you start weight training. When you start a strength training for beginners program you’ll want to focus on your own improvement without comparing yourself to anyone else so you stay motivated and don’t get discouraged.
One of the more important training tips for beginners is to choose a sustainable program and choose one that gives you all the guidance you need. Athlean-XX for Women is a complete program that will help you reach your goals and give you all the workouts, tips and nutrition plans a beginner needs to start weight training.

If you are starting a beginner strength training program, its important to choose a goal and train for your goal. Your goal may be aesthetic, personal, or performance related. It’s up to you, but tailor your training to meet your goals.

Finally anyone taking on a beginner weight training program needs to be patient and track their progress. It can be easy to forget how far you’ve come, but if you want to stay motivated, keep track of just how much you’ve accomplished no matter how long those improvements take. Every body is different.

Below are the 6 tips for newbies to weight lifting:

1) Don’t compare yourself to others
2) Choose the most sustainable route
3) Choose a program that can give you guidance
4) Define what your goal is
5) Be patient
6) Track your progress

For more of the best tips and workouts for strength training subscribe to our YouTube channel


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  1. I have been wanting to start into weightlifting. I'm a veteran and use to be in awesome shape. I got married and had 3 kids back to back and my body looks like it melted. My problem with working out, is that I get so overwhelmed trying to find routines and excercises on the internet and there are SO many!!! I just want to get back to me. I feel like I'm not in my own body. If that makes sense. I love the points you made in your video and plan to look into things more. I just wanted to say that you look BEAUTIFUL!! I'm hoping to one day be back to myself and be happy on my own skin as I can see that you are!!!

  2. I am 46 and have always been athletic until the last 10 years. In my mind, I'm still that same person but physically I am NOT. It's sad and depressing. I work full time and my kids are older now (youngest is 13). I need to invest in me and I want to blow this out of the water. I wish I could get a personal trainer but I feel like I need to get to a certain point in my physical ability. I've had trainers before that I didn't feel were invested in me and had let me down. I don't think they thought I was serious because I'm a 40 -something with extra weight. I'm doing a lot of research now to make sure I do this right and stay injury free. I currently don't have any medical issues or injuries and I would love some guidance on some other resources or any tips you might have. Thank you!

  3. Why do the videos on the athleanXX website look super outdated like from the 90's…? But the vids on YouTube look up-to-date? I prefer the videos on YouTube. Any advice or comments?

  4. I completed my first week of the XX program. I definitely feel it pushes me but I am not really able to do all the sets in some of the workouts (legs in particular, upper body is usually easier for me). However I am pushing through it, eventually I'll be able to do them all!

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